Quick Change Chairs

24 Jun

I have a confession. I’ve been in my flat for 6 months and I haven’t finished unpacking. I’m a hoarder – there is no escaping it but I’m also a perfectionist in my own way. I can’t just shove things out of the way or into a cupboard. Just knowing that things would be sitting in the cupboard un-organised is almost worse than not having them put away in the first place. Call it a quirk.

So the good news is that the living/kitchen space is now tidier than when these photos were taken, but still not quite there as it’s been over taken by sewing apparatus. Step one however was to get a table, which I did via TradeMe for a nice small $40. Let me say that it isn’t flash, just 1950s wood-grain formica. But it did come with four chairs covered in shredded leather.

At the time I was travelling a lot for work so I just wanted a quick fix to put my chairs at ease, so the night before an early flight I was surrounded by boxes on the living room floor stapling batting and fabric to the chair seats.

I chose a pretty little twee floral to match the formica and voila… before and after:

I will eventually get round to changing the fabric… and painting the wood… and even unpacking the boxes but for now this is a nice compromise.


Table & 4 chairs: $40

Polyester batting: $10

Fabric: $35 (1.75m@$19.95/m – Spotlight)

TOTAL: $85

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