2 Jul

This photo is from just over a year ago. I was in Vancouver visiting some gorgeous friends, it was early June and yet already 30 degrees. The friend I was staying with had an apartment in Kitsilano, just up from West 4th. The trees and gardens were spectacular and we spent a week drinking berry mojitos.

I’ve just finished a long and spectacularly bad week at work. I was already under pressure in general but them I screwed up and made a bunch of people mad. I’m a pretty mellow person, and unfortunately a bit of a people pleaser so I worked myself into a real state about the situation. It’s still not fully sorted but I need to try and switch my brain off it for a while, though it’s easier said than done. Time to distract myself with this weekend’s to do list.

I will finish the rust coloured jacket. It just needs the sleeves and bottom hemmed but you know when you’re pretty sure a project isn’t going to work out it’s not all that motivational to get it done.

I want to cut out the navy double knit I have for Simplicity 2648 and hopefully have it finished to wear next week. (Maybe if I wear a pretty dress, I’ll feel better about being at the office).

Next, I’ve just signed onto self-stitched-september so I need to come up with my plan so I’m not all naked for the month!

And lastly I want to get my hallway organised. It mightn’t sound like much but I live in one third of a divided villa and if you’ve ever lived in one you would know built in storage is about nil and my hall has become a serious dumping ground. I need to get the storage sorted then move my dresser in so it can act as a landing point by the front door. Then I want to string up some cheap paper lanterns I found, hopefully something along the lines of this from an old post at Design*Sponge.

Thomas Wold at Design*Sponge

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