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Weekend Work

27 Jun

Well, it’s half past 11 on Sunday night and the only reason I’m still awake is that my neighbour (I live in a villa that has been divided into 3 flats) is talking loudly and giggling with his girlfriend. The noise through the thin walls is the only drawback to what is otherwise a lovely place to live.

Anyway, maybe it’s payback for the sound of my sewing machine going all day. I decided to make a start on the rust coloured skirt and jacket and made pretty good progress. The skirt came together super-quick and I’m going to wear it tomorrow with a simple long sleeved tank, taking Karen Walker’s outfit as inspiration.

Of course, due to not being so unusually long and lean as the model above, I have my Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow night so won’t be able to get a snap of it till Tuesday.

Hopefully by that time the jacket will be done. This one took a little longer as I’ve had to improvise lining for it, rather than just facings. I’m also a little concerned about how it’s going to look as it’s seeming a little matronly right now.

Also I caught the photos of the twilight premiere over on and it’s possible that, combined with the skirt, the outfit might just be the girls version of this:

Fingers crossed that it is not.