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I love: howling wind + rain

13 Aug

It’s blowing a gale outside.

The wind feels like it might gust the walls in and the rain sounds like a tap running directly onto the old iron roof.

I love it, the beautiful contrast between this insane world out there and how warm and secure I feel inside, in the dark, swaddled in blankets and hot-water-bottles.

I’m wishing for thunder.

Moving (on a whim)

31 Jul

When I started posting here, I didn’t know what I wanted to write about exactly. To be honest I still don’t, but as the posts have tended to be sewing related, I’ve renamed the blog and moved it over to a new address – the much more accurately titled – Lazy Stitching.

So this will be the last sewing post here. I haven’t given up this domain, as I may still use it personally for rants and raves – the title was inspired by the words of Leonard Cohen:

“Ring the bells that still can ring;
Forget your perfect offering;
There is a crack in everything;
That’s how the light gets in.”

It just struck a real cord with me so I shall see how it goes.

Meanwhile, on the random off chance, you have bookmarked this page, please feel free to change it to the new one:

Vogue Pattern Sale….

4 Jul

… US$3.99 patterns on the vogue website. Man this is not good for my budget!

Rust Skirt

28 Jun

So I rightly figured that if I wore this skirt all day it would be pretty wrinkled from sitting at my desk. Happily, I snapped these before I left this morning.

This is halfway between Views E  & F of Simplicity 2605 and looking at it now I think next time I’ll just go with the shorter version which would fall just above my knees.

I’m really happy with how it worked out. I’ve already used this pattern to make view A and I think it’ll be another “go-to” pattern in my stash.

P.S. Not quite the Karen Walker in the previous post – but maybe some day.


Pattern: $7.5

Fabric: $7.7 (1.1m @ $7/m – Centrepoint Fabrics)

Zip: $5.0

Thread: $4.5

TOTAL: NZ$24.70 / US$17.0


25 Jun

Thank god it’s friday! I’m feeling out of sorts this week and quite anxious about work so I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend and a little sewing – especially as it’s likely to rain. I’ve got a few projects in waiting but I’m not sure where to start.

Simplicity 2605, faux wrap skirt and the jacket from 2372 in this simple rust poly-cotton.

Simplicity 2648, which is an Amazing Fit pattern with several cup size options.

A version of Gertie’s Christina Hendricks dress using New Look 2648 in a deep purple double knit.

A pair of the khakis in black, which doesn’t make them khakis any more I guess… just pants.

Quick Change Chairs

24 Jun

I have a confession. I’ve been in my flat for 6 months and I haven’t finished unpacking. I’m a hoarder – there is no escaping it but I’m also a perfectionist in my own way. I can’t just shove things out of the way or into a cupboard. Just knowing that things would be sitting in the cupboard un-organised is almost worse than not having them put away in the first place. Call it a quirk.

So the good news is that the living/kitchen space is now tidier than when these photos were taken, but still not quite there as it’s been over taken by sewing apparatus. Step one however was to get a table, which I did via TradeMe for a nice small $40. Let me say that it isn’t flash, just 1950s wood-grain formica. But it did come with four chairs covered in shredded leather.

At the time I was travelling a lot for work so I just wanted a quick fix to put my chairs at ease, so the night before an early flight I was surrounded by boxes on the living room floor stapling batting and fabric to the chair seats.

I chose a pretty little twee floral to match the formica and voila… before and after:

I will eventually get round to changing the fabric… and painting the wood… and even unpacking the boxes but for now this is a nice compromise.


Table & 4 chairs: $40

Polyester batting: $10

Fabric: $35 (1.75m@$19.95/m – Spotlight)

TOTAL: $85