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23 Jul

Not much of a to do list for this weekend. Just catching up on housework and the like, yawn.

But I am starting to get there with the sewing plan, now that some of my stash of fabric has been cleared away with recent projects.

Here’s a sneak peak:

I spotted this Orla Kiely coat via Vivat Veritas and realised it was a good match for the 70’s coat pattern I made as my first ebay purchase this week.

I love this Brian Reyes dress and when I saw Vogue 1109 I knew I could channel Tim Gunn and “make it work”. Or at least I hope so. If I can replace the sleeves with facings and extend the hip panels into a skirt, I may be in luck. I also like the Alice + Olivia blazer but I can’t seem to find the right pattern for it. Any ideas?

And finally, to indulge my love of the whimsically ridiculous – these Issey Miyake pants inspired by Balenciaga Resort 2011.


16 Jul

What’s in the box?

Ta da!!

I got back to my desk on Wednesday and there were three big internationally posted parcels waiting for me. #1 was my BMV pattern haul which only took 10 days to arrive.

#2 was from Mum and Dad for my birthday a week ago.

My entire immediate family live in London right now. They went traveling separately but all ended up in the same place. This doesn’t mean I miss out on any mothering though – check out what was included here: a nice soft wool blanket, some candy from Florence, an alternative sewing magazine, a post card from Venice and, as always, a passive agressive news paper clipping. Let’s get a close-up of that:

She means well – I get that and I love her for it – luckily I’ve learned to laugh it off.

The last package was from my fab little sister. Just the excitement needed to get me through the rest of the week.

This weekend’s list:

– Finish the hallway*

– Attempt my first button down shirt, McCall’s 6035. Either the View B or C.

Although, the selfish seamstress just did a great version of the puffy sleeved one and I’m worried that after seeing hers, I’ll just be jealous when mine doesn’t come out as well.

– Now that the patterns have arrived, I need to finalize my self-stitched-september plan.

*No, I haven’t finished the hallway, yes it’s been like 3 weeks since I said I’d do it. So much for holding myself accountable.